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Tishman Hall, Room 236
Spring 2016


Course Title:                         COURSE DART2600-01: ANALYTICAL FIGURE DRAWING
Course Time:                        Tuesdays & Thursday (2pm – 5pm)
Course Location:                 Tishman/236


Instructor: Professor Geoffrey Laurence
Office Location: Thaw Art History, Room 528
Office Hours: 1-2PM TUESDAY/THURS by appointment via email request or phone
Phone: 505-699-8011 (before 9:00 p.m.)
Email: geoffrey.laurence(at)santafeuniversity.edu


(Required) Richer, Dr. Paul and Hale, Robert Beverly. (1986). Artistic Anatomy. Watson-Guptill.
Please also see my website for other suggested anatomy books (not required): http://www.geoffreylaurence.com/books.html


This course focuses on human form and design by breaking down the complex shapes of human anatomy into simple forms. Through the study of live models students study human proportion, construction, gesture, and foreshortening with an introduction to human anatomy. Students will develop drawing skills as they learn varying techniques to visually present human form and shadow patterns.


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be better able to:

1. Draw a human figure in space with correct general proportions, alignment and weight

2. Employ the figure compositionally to visually express ideas or narrative

3. Draw the human figure in line and/or tone with knowledge of correct anatomical musculature

4. Apply their knowledge of human anatomy in application to invented anatomy in illustrations

5. Understand the significance of artists in the development of anatomical history

ASSIGNMENTS (Subject to Change)

II will be setting some assignments to be completed outside of class, so please provide space in your week for approximately two-three hours of homework time, at a minimum. Not doing the homework assignments will affect your grade and general progress and they will generally be due by the following week unless specified. Late work will be noted as late. (See grading)


Class participation. This includes attendance and being prompt and prepared for class. Thoughtful participation in class discussion and critiques. Following studio rules.

Drawing in class and assignments. Excellent work does not always mean “successful” on the first try. But excellent always means application and creative risking e.g: the creative envelope is pushed and effort is made. ‘Excellent’ also demonstrates an understanding of the concepts and drawing techniques involved. Excellence requires full engagement with the task and ability to step boldly into unfamiliar territory. Generally I look for qualitative student growth and consistent excellence in the handling of assignments for an “A” grade.

Your drawings done for this course, will be evaluated individually, and/or as a portfolio based on:

Creative, explorative approach
Demonstrated understanding and competent handling of the assignments
Craft (the material care, handling, and presentation of your work)
Evident engagement of difficult or unfamiliar aspects of assignments
Assignments done by due-date

Grading scale:

Class participation: 15%
Assignments: 25%
Portfolio: 60%


Attendance, Studio Work
Each week will be devoted to an important aspect of the anatomical structure of the human figure.   Miss a week and you miss a lot that will not be revisited. I will not be repeating the lecture material covered. 100% class attendance is required and is critically important to faculty and your peers.  More than 1 absence may adversely affect your grade.  More than 3 absences may result in you not receiving credit for the course.

Tardiness.  Being late is very disruptive to the class, it is disrespectful to those who come on time and is very annoying to me.
Lectures will begin ON TIME at 2pm so please arrive BEFORE class starts, allowing time to set yourself up.

  • Arriving late (tardy) after attendance is taken and or leaving before a class completion for more than three times or more, will count as an unexcused absence and affect your grade. Each group of four tardies or early departures will count as an additional absence and be considered in a faculty initiated or administrative drop from the class.
  • Two consecutive absences will result in an Early Alert notification w/ Academic Advisor Charlie Miu

3 tardy marks will constitute an unexcused absence and affect your grade.

Late students will have difficulty understanding and participating fully in the drawing sessions. As the semester is limited in time compared to the amount of ground that we have to cover, Anatomy lectures will start on time each week and I will not wait for stragglers. Bottom line:  Attend every class in a timely manner.

NOTE: If you arrive late and know that you did not hear your name called and have been marked absent and do not want to be counted absent, you must present a written form (see page 9) with your name, date and time of arrival to me before your depart from the class in which you arrived late. Upon receiving your notice of a late arrival, I will change your absence into a tardy. Otherwise, the absence will remain as recorded and will not be changed.

  • An Unexcused absence is defined as: any undocumented absence resulting from a vacation, wedding, family activity, hunting or any other activity that could have been planned for at a time that would not affect attendance in class.
  • An Excused Absence is defined as: a clearly documented absence: death in the immediate family: mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle. A funeral notice and or obituary are the appropriate documentation to bring as documentation for an excused absence.
  • An unexpected accident or court appointment of which there is a documented police report offering names and dates of the accident or court document with appropriate dates of the court meeting.
  • An unexpected work emergency in which you can bring a document dated and signed by your immediate supervisor that you were called upon to pick up or cover additional hours that were not scheduled into your job description.
  • A Medical excuse from a nurse, doctor or clinic’s signed and dated document offering the clinic, doctor or nurse name, contact info, date of visitation in which the student was notified to stay home, miss class to get well before returning to class or work.
  • A Documented (pre-arranged and approved) business conference, activity or travel, or field trip in another SFCC class. You are required to notify me to pre-arrange these activities that will affect your attendance.
  • NOTE: All documents for excused absences must be brought and presented to the professor at the class in which the student returns from the absence. If documentation is not presented then this absence will count as an unexcused absence.

If you are absent, please refer to the class calendar/schedule so as to be prepared with all homework upon your return and contact a student in the class to determine if there were any scheduling changes or any missed content that you need to be prepared for upon your return.

Attendance is very important for the class, as you will be working with new and somewhat difficult concepts and methodologies. This is not an independent continuing education course. If you believe that you will need to miss four or more sessions during this 30-session class, you might want to consider taking the course during a different semester when you are able to focus and be in attendance.

If you intend to miss a class session as an excused absence, YOU MUST ALSO LET ME KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE MISSING IT -  face to face or by phone or text  - and with a valid reason as stated above. It is your responsibility to find out what was covered during that session, including new homework assignments, etc.  

Earning an A grade will require you to:
Have perfect attendance, three or fewer late arrivals or early departures, successfully follow all assignment directions and meet all homework deadlines. Score well in quizzes and show interest and enthusiasm for subject matter. “Going that extra mile” in your work.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements for this grade, you will earn the grade that matches what you did accomplish in the class.

Earning a B grade will require you to:
Have no more than 1 absence, three or fewer late arrivals or early departures, score well in quizzes, successfully follow all assignment directions and meet all homework deadlines.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements for this grade, you will earn the grade that matches what you did accomplish in the class.

Earning a C grade will require you to:
Have no more than 2 absences, three or fewer late arrivals or early departures, successfully follow all assignment directions and meet all homework deadlines.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements for this grade, you will earn the grade that matches what you did accomplish in the class.

Earning a D grade will require you to:
Have no more than 3 absences, three or fewer late arrivals or early departures, successfully complete 75% of all assignment directions and deadlines.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements for this grade, you will earn the grade that matches what you did accomplish in the class

D is still a passing grade. All final grades are subject to my discretion. I encourage any student with concerns about their grade to speak with me about achieving the grade that they are aiming for.

If you intend to miss a class session, YOU MUST LET ME KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE MISSING IT -  face to face or by phone or text  - and with a valid reason. It is your responsibility to find out what was covered during that session, including new homework assignments, etc.  

All completed drawings must be kept for final portfolio review and grading.
All charcoal drawings must be fixed with ‘Final’ fixative spray or hair spray before submission for critique and must be sprayed outside of the clsssroom.                                                                                                                                            

Any homework assignment can be redone, and be re submitted to me with prior discussion and agreement from me.  Perfecting your assignment may increase the final grade for the work. Be sure to clearly indicate that the piece is a re-worked assignment, by clearly writing this on the back of the drawing. Please also sign your name somewhere on the back of all your drawings – it does not have to be large but will help if a drawing gets misplaced during critiques or exhibits of class work etc.

Making Appointments/Contacting me
I will be available during lunch breaks stated above if necessary only by prior arrangement. Please contact me with questions or concerns via the email address above or cell phone number also above.

Format of Assignments
Assignments are expected to be neat and cleanly presented. Scrappy work will be rejected as unacceptable. Please put effort into their presentation.

Email Usage
Email or Texting is not to be used as a means of communication for questions related to grades, performance or personal concerns/issues. Questions related to those matters should be handled via a face-to-face appointment with me outside of classroom time and in my office. Email should only be used to clarify assignment-related questions or concerns.

Electronic Devices
Cell phones, MP3 players, and other personal communication or entertainment devices are to be silenced or turned off, and not used or displayed during the class period.


Accommodating Special Needs

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Santa Fe University of Art and Design makes every effort to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students may receive these accommodations if they contact their professor and register with Emily Powell, Director Academic Advising and Resource Center: 505.473.6570.

Ethics/Academic Integrity

Students are expected to exhibit academic honesty in the completion of all course assignments, exams, and activities. Cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Incidences of academic dishonesty will be dealt with according to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design policy on academic integrity.

Emergency Class Cancellatio

If an emergency arises in which class must be cancelled, a note will be posted on the classroom door informing students of the cancellation and related information. If a cancellation notice is not posted, students are expected to remain in the classroom until dismissed by a college representative. In the event of severe weather, students should listen to local radio/television announcements for information or check the Santa Fe University website: www.santafeuniversity.edu If the college is open, students are expected to attend class.

COURSE CALENDAR (Subject to Change)

The general format of the classes will be a 1.25hr lecture followed by a 1.5 hr drawing session of whatever anatomical topic has been discussed. There will be a 15 minute break in between so you can setup your drawing equipment etc. That does mean 15 minutes.
The calendar below is a guide to the topics that we will discuss, however it is subject to how quickly each topic is covered and the lectures will flow from one class into the next as needed.

January 21/26                                       Course Overview and general introduction
Geological beginnings of mammals, Elements of the body, Anatomical terms, types of joint.
January 28/Feb 2                                 Beginnings of anatomical knowledge. The concept of proportions
February 4/9                                         The Bones: Ribcage and Pelvis. Anatomy History 1
February 11/16                                    The Bones: Vertabrae, bones of arms and legs

February 18/23                                    The Bones: Hands and Feet, Anatomy History 2
February 25/29                                    The Bones: Cranium, Bony Landmarks, Ears, Noses

March 3/8                                              The Muscles: Ligaments and tendons, How we move through space, Muscle types, Sterno mastoid, Nuchal, Levator scapulae, Trapezius, Deltoid

March 10/22                                         The Muscles: The breast, Pectoralis, Upper arm  

March 14/18                                         Midterm break

March 22/24                                         The Muscles: The forearm, Anatomy History 3

March 28/31                                         The Muscles: Rectus Abdominus, Obliques, Erector spinae
April 5/7                                                 The Muscles: Serratus Magnus, Scapula group, Rhomboids, Latissimus, Gluteus

April 12/14                                             The Muscles: Ilio Psoas, Quadraceps, Genitals
April 19/21                                             The Muscles: The knee, Hamstrings, Sartorius, Adductors
April 26/28                                             The Muscles: The Face
May 3/5/9/12                                                General Recap




ARTISANS on CERRILLOS ROAD has complete supply list kits for this class.
Please ask for Michael or John in the store and tell them that you are taking my course and they will help find what you need for the class. You will need ALL of the list below.

You will also need a measuring stick and plumb line – I will show you how to make them in class.


· Drawing Paper Pad 24”X18” Strathmore 300 $14.58

· Newsprint pad 24”X18” 50 Sheets $10.19

· Charcoal medium / soft (NOT COMPRESSED) Art Alternatives or Grumbacher $1.99/$3.30 $6.60

· Pencils HB and 2B $2 each $4.00

· Pencil sharpener or craft knife - to sharpen pencils with

· 12" Ruler

· Fine Sand paper sheet or EMERY board nail files or Sandpaper Pencil Pointer block $1.69

· Colour pencils – at least 6 different colours Prismacolour (or other brand) $1.71 each $10.26

· Conté pencils – Sanguine and Black, or Conté chalks $2.62 each $5.24

· Note paper (US Letter size, ruled or plain with holes to fit into a three ring binder)

· Ballpoint or felt tip Pen for note taking

· Kneaded and hard erasers $1.50/$1.69 $3.19

· Chamois leather (Artisans) or old abandoned sock/tshirt scrap to erase charcoal. $3.39

· Fixative spray - Matte Final or Hairspray

· 18”X24” drawing board and clips $15.00

· Cardboard portfolio $8.00

· Aspirin

· Sense of humor


To download as a pdf  - CLICK HERE

To download as a WORD.doc - CLICK HERE



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