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By Emily Van Cleve


An international contemporary art gallery where you will find innovative and previously unseen works

When Tanya Turner Carrroll and Michael E.S. Carroll opened Turner Carroll Gallery eight years ago, they were very clear about the kind of art space they were interested in creating in Santa Fe. The husband and wife team, w ho come from a visual arts back ground and an educational background
rooted in history and art history. had worked with museums and auction houses in Europe and the United States. They began seeking out contemporar artists whose works communicate a sense of timelessness and fit within the context of contemporary art history.

The gallery carries oil paintings, mixed media pieces. encaustic works, egg tempera paintings, and sculptures that prod the intellect and offer unique artistic perspectives."We are an international contemporary gallery:' Turner Carroll explains. "Representing aesthetically beautiful work that
educates the viewer is our goal. We only show work we believe in and collect ourselves. We look for what we consider to be the best of contemporary art, regardless of who is creating it and where it is created. We work hard to spread recognition of artists we believe in."

While they carry the work of nine New Mexico artists, they also spend time cultivating relationships with European artists and galleries and presenting innovative and largely previously unseen European works in Santa Fe.

During the month of September the gallery will focus its attention on critically acclaimed artists from Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus including Traian Alexandru Filip, a Romanian artist whose etchings and oil paintings explore the hidden recesses of the soul. In 1998 the gallery published an award‑winning monograph on Filip. Works created by notable contemporary Irish painters will be displayed October 22 ‑ November 10.

Well‑known Santa Fe artist Alexandra Eldridge will be featured in a solo exhibit from July 9‑July 28. Through mixed media paintings and techniques of burnishing. scraping, scratching through, and writing words into the surface of the paintings before applying pigments, Eldridge seeks to penetrate the unknown. Her works were recently the subject of a solo museum exhibition.

Turner Carroll Gallery represents the egg tempera paintings of Michael Bergt, which were also the subject of a touring solo museum exhibition.
In August. his work will be paired with the oil paintings of Geoff Laurence, whose work captures universal human experiences through figures caught in specific moments of time.

"Allowing our artists to explore and evolve freely is very important to us,' Turner Carroll remarks. "We're here to facilitate their growth and enhance their exposure via critical and museum recognition.'

The Turner Carroll Gallery is located at 725 Canyon Road. Hours: 10:00‑5:00 daily (505) 986‑9800 (tel//fax). E‑mail: tcgallery @aol. com, www.artnet com/galleries/..\tucarrolL htmI.



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