The season changes yet again and the present art gallery system, as a means of presenting and selling contemporary work, continues its struggle to reinvent itself in a way that is successful and relevant to our current societal needs. I have therefore decided, for the moment, to represent myself.

I have recently joined an online ‘virtual’ gallery that is currently hosting a 'virtual exhibition' of my work - more on that below. I have also been focusing more of my time this year on my painting conservation work whilst continuing to paint in my studio.

I have finally finished my large triptych and am in the middle of my next opus.
Take a look…


'LIFT Art Gallery'
Virtual Exhibit    August 2017/18

I have joined an exciting new online gallery called LIFT. My exhibit will be up for a year and may change as the site evolves and new technology unfolds. For the moment the site only works on computers (desktops and laptops) though they are working hard on making it available on mobiles so soon you will be able to have my exhibit in your pocket!

As digital reality takes us over completely, perhaps this is the shape of galleries in the very near future.

The exhibit page can take a minute or two to load first depending on your internet speed.
Click on the floor and drag to move through the gallery from picture to picture.
You can click on a picture to walk up to it, click on the enlargement icon etc. or look out of the gallery window...

'Some Things Disappear'
108" X 36"        OIL ON CANVAS       2017

Finally finished this triptych after working on it for over a year.
The right hand panel was the hardest thing I have ever tried to paint and I could have gone on messing with it for another year!

To see a larger version of the picture, click here

You saw it here first...

A new video about my artistic journey, directed by Amy West for Wombox Productions will soon be released on Youtube,Vimeo etc and will be available to view on my website. Its not quite finished yet - we are looking for funding for the music rights, so if you know anyone with deep pockets and an interest in helping, let me know!

Anatomy For Artists 2018

I am thinking of offering my anatomy course for artists again in Santa Fe, this time over the beginning 3 months of next year, probably on a Monday. If you have interest or you know of anyone who might, please contact me through the website.

Class information and enrollment details from this year's course are still available online on my website.

My very best wishes to you as always,