Sorry for the short notice - the opportunity to teach these classes at the
SFCC School of Art and Design only became available to me two days ago.
If you are in the Santa Fe, NM area they might interest you. Maybe see you there!

Painting Materials: Ancient and Contemporary
August 23 December 6, Tuesdays, 12 - 5:00pm

Using beautiful powdered pigments and a variety of waxes, chalk, glue and protein emulsions, students will make their own paints and gessoes.

Recipes for art materials, both ancient and contemporary, allow students to gain a fundamental understanding of paint and painting surfaces.

Painting techniques unique to different types of media and mixed media are explored. Students will complete painting projects related to each media.

No prerequisite for credits.

COURSE #  DRPT 122L CRN 21271

Figure Drawing
August 24 December 7, Wednesdays, 12 to 5pm

This intermediate level drawing course is a study of the human form as a primary vehicle for addressing formal and conceptual issues in drawing. Students will work with a variety of media to focus on proportion, structure, and visual expression of the figure.

Prerequisite for credits: DRPT 219L Drawing II.

COURSE # DRPT 221L   CRN: 20545        

Register online at  or for more information call 505-428-1731

My best wishes to you all ,