Spring has arrived early this year in New Mexico and the trees are covered with blossoms. I have joined a new gallery here in Santa Fe and I am offering my Anatomy for Artists course again during the summer, details below, plus my latest finished painting which I am happy with (for the moment!).

124 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505 467 8424

I am pleased to announce my joining the Lacuna Gallery in Santa Fe, located downtown in an historic building just near the plaza.

Olaf and Sheryle Moon, owners of Lacuna Galleries, come from a long line of artists, originating in the 1700’s in Fife, Scotlan andnow largely resident in Australia but also with members in the UK and USA. I look much forwards to showing wiith them.

If you are visiting or live near Santa Fe, please do visit the gallery. They have a fine list of contemporary figurative artists on show.

Anatomy For Artists 2015
JUNE 7th - AUG 30th 2015
A course of 12 lectures/drawing sessions
on Sunday mornings 10am-2pm

Since the fifteenth century, artists have relied on a thorough understanding of anatomy to produce convincing depictions of humans and animals in their work.

Over a period of 12 class sessions, we cover all the bones of the human skeleton and the visible surface muscles of the body, including the face. We discuss the methods humans use to move our bones through space and why our bodies evolved the muscles and bones we have. We also cover a little history of anatomy, as well as the importance of artists to early modern anatomical study.

Each four-hour class consists of a lecture followed by a 90-minute drawing session focusing on the part(s) that we have been discussing. Participants are also given the opportunity to compare real human bones to a live model in order to better understand the body surfaces that they see.

Class information and enrollment details are available online on my website.

Places are limited - for more info please visit


'Learning To Float'

My best wishes to you for the spring and summer,