Spring is nearly here in New Mexico and with the warm weather hopefully will come a little ease in our daily lives. I will be teaching once more this year at Gage Academy in the late summer. If you feel like a trip to Seattle, come and join me . It can be quite beautiful up there when its sunny and summer and Mount Rainier is actually showing herself for a change.

Expressive Figure Drawing
July 21st -25th, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm [5days]

To draw successfully, we need to connect with our subconscious energy, as well as our conscious or intellectual center. The aim of this class is to encourage, through a series of specific exercises and techniques, an emphasis on using the subconscious and intuitive abilities that we have when engaged with drawing from the model. The student will be asked to break away from their habitual methods of drawing and to experience the wonderful energy that exists within.

In this 5 day drawing workshop, drawing from a non intellectual and more emotionally based center we will be using both left and right hands and the mouth, using dry and wet materials. We will do a series of exercises which build up over the week to a more complex drawing using layers of different marks. We also draw to music and with eyes shut. All in all, it is an intense and enjoyable experience based on methods that I have taught myself and have been using for over 30 years.

Figure Painting in Oil
July 28th - Aug 2nd Mon-Sat, 9.30am - 4.30pm (6 days)

Gage requested a slightly less complex class for the summer students at the academy so here it is. It will be a learning exerience for me too!

This class is intended for those who are perhaps not quite as advanced in experience as my Venetian class and with less emphasis on history and perhaps a little less strenuous than my other class given the limited time we have. Although still based on classical painting techniques , it is an introduction to the basic principles of layered methods and techniques when approaching painting the figure in oilpaint, using a more modern palette.

Starting with a careful under drawing, followed by a tonal grisaille layer, and using a limited range of colours, finishing with a full color painting. Working from the model in a one-week pose, emphasis is placed on exploring the perception and effects of light and color on form. Emphasis on drawing, tonal structure, color mixing and composition also comes into play. Daily lectures, demonstrations and discussions are balanced with personal critiques during the day.

Class information and enrollment details are available online at their website and in the current Gage catalogue - get in touch with them and ask them to mail you a copy.


New painting in progress, added to my website. Its still only in the grisaille stage, so we'll see how it progresses...

My best wishes to you for spring!!,