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There will be an online opening reception on April 8th from 7.30-9.00 pm Eastern Time which I will be attending along with other artists in the show and we will be answering any questions you may have and talking about our work.
Do zoom in!

A printed copy of the catalogue is available here

Jewish Authenticity and Identity
Curated by Ori Z. Soltes
April 5 - May 14 2021
2850 Quebec Street NW Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202.362.4433 Fax: 202.362.4961

I am honoured to have a piece from my Holocaust Series in an exhibition at Adas, the largest synagogue in Washington. Its what I have made the works in the series for - to be seen.
The Authenticity and Identity exhibition, curated by Ori Z. Soltes, is produced by Adas Israel Congregation in partnership with exhibition director Robert Bettmann, and through support from the Jewish Artists of the National Capital Region, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and Georgetown University’s Center for the Study of Jewish Civilization and Culture. 
The exhibition includes more than seventy artworks selected from several hundred submitted for consideration between January and April 2020. The live exhibition was delayed because of the public health pandemic.

Register to attend opening reception here
View the catalogue here View my catalogue page here
227 North Main Street
Romeo, Michigan 48065

RJD has decided, since many galleries have closed in NYC because of Covid, to move the gallery space to a new location in Michigan. Richard Demato, who is founder and owner of the gallery, has moved it to small town called Romeo (is it love?) just outside of Detroit where there is a fresh art renaissance happening. The same great and energetic staff will be working there and I wish RJD all the very best for it and my future!


American Art Collector Magazine
The World We Share - Rochelle Belsito
January 2021 Issue 183

As 2021 arrives, RJD Gallery has curated an exhibition that helps define inner feelings and the current times. The show, titled The World We Share, will feature artwork y myself, Julia Chen, Matt R. Martin, Salvatore Alessi, Margaret Bowland and Frank Oriti.
"The New Year is upon us, and as always, artists and their art will help define who we are in this moment. It plays a major role to help show ourselves to ourselves, a reflection of our innermost feelings and current times,” says gallery director Joi Jackson Perle. “The challenges of last year—a near perfect storm of pandemic, upheaval and uncertainty, led us to a new way of living, socially distanced but connected through and grounded by the arts. Art speaks of change, renewal and endless possibilities in the world we share, and we are excited to see where art leads us in the next 12 months.”

read complete article here
American Art Collector Magazine
An Awakening - Rochelle Belsito
March 2020 Issue 173

I'm delighted to be taking part, for my first show this year, in a new exhibition titled 'An Awakening', at my gallery RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York. It opens on March 21st 2020.
American Art collector has been kind to preview it including interviews with the indiviual artists. As well as myself, the 5 artists in the show are: Kris Lewis, Jorge Santos, Geoffrey Laurence, Margo Selski and Tyler Vouros.
"Mago, the gallery curator, elaborates, “Eyes always reveal a temporary glimpse into the soul, and through their artworks, each of these artists shares a peek into their sensitivity and inner world."

*Due to Covid-19 the show was cancelled a week before opening.
read complete article here
Narrative Painting Website
Narrativepainting.net curated by Jen Brown

Jen, who is a wonderful artist in her own right has created a fab website dedicated to realism. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art History and a Curatorial Diploma from York University. With posts both by contemporary and classical and includes works by interesting and more obscure artists from the past that I have never heard of. I am honoured she has also posted mine several times so far. I'm in good company!

"As we step into the 21st Century artists once again look to tell stories in their work, but there is a significant difference between we contemporaries and our pre-20th Century predecessors: we create new stories. They are not to be found in ancient religious texts. The stories we paint are original and audiences have to look for clues in the images to understand the narrative. Sometimes the ending is unknown or ambiguous."

Lift Art Gallery
Virtual Gallery Interactive Online Exhibit
31st January 2020 - ongoing

My swedish friend Mikael is a gallery owner and the director of Lohme Art Gallery in Sweden. He also manages an art academy and a film agency. Now he has come up with a brilliant solution for showing art online and he invited me to be a test exhibit for it.

Lift Art Technologies have combined applied science for online 3D architecture and the gaming industry to achieve a seamless experience. The program allows you to walk around freely in the virtual gallery space and engage with the art on the walls. You can find all relevant information by clicking on the sign next to each artwork in the exhibition. After your tour, you can make a request directly to the artist through the form at each individual artist's page.

Click on the floor to move to a place in the gallery, drag the mouse left or right and click on a painting to see an enlargement. Press the escape key to leave.

go to exhibit here - it takes a minute to load
November 2020

Although corruption, greed and power have existed since the beginning of mankind, these and other destructive forces have systematically increased to out of control proportions in today’s  financial, political and technologically interconnected world. Likewise, there is a tremendous urgency for people of all cultures to work together through open dialogue to continue to counterbalance inequality and make the world a better place for present and future generations.
Joelcy Kay is the Editor & Curator of Edge of Humanity Magazine. She writes:
“I’m a Brazilian born American in my 50s. I’m committed to publishing the human condition, the raw diverse global entanglement with total impartiality. The daily life of people, from their moments of pleasure, to the pain they suffer, to the atrocities they caused and everything in between, regardless of political, religious, or social content.
Edge of Humanity Magazine is about 100% neutrality”

Visit the page here (scroll down)
Gallery 33
Shelter Online Exhibit curated by Dr Samuel Peralta
15th June to 31st December 2020  
I’m pleased and honoured to have been selected by Dr.Peralta,for his online exhibit at Gallery 33 on Artsy.net.“All of us are living today in a shared experience that is unprecedented in living memory – a pandemic that arrived suddenly, almost without warning, a pandemic so pervasive that its influence touches everyone we know, everything we do, everywhere we go. Sometimes we feel like there is no escape, no respite. They tell us to distance ourselves from each other, from what makes us human, to shelter in place.And yet in those words there is the key to survival, far more than just physical survival. There is the one place that we can go, where we can remain ourselves, continue with the lives we’ve made. It is a place of safety that we conjure for ourselves – a quietude bounded by walls or disinfectant, or circumscribed by the arms of a child, or in the words of a prayer. For each one of us it is different, but for all of us it is the center of our quiet, our calm in the eye of the hurricane, our shelter.”— Samuel Peralta
view the exhibit here
RJD Gallery
2385 Main Street
PO BOX 1658
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
Tue – Sat     +1 631 725 1161

I am extremely happy to announce my having joined the Richard J Demato Fine Arts gallery in the Hamptons, NY. and am now represented by them exclusively in the USA.
I'm looking forward to being amongst wonderful artists like Bo Bartlett and Margaret Bowland and participating in their group and themed shows.

Wish me luck!

American Art Collector Magazine
'Inside Out' by John O'Herne
November issue 2019  
A review of the 'Inside Out:Outside' In exhibit at RJD gallery in NY which I was invited to be in:
"Geoffrey Laurence is represented in the exhibition by his enigmatic painting Interior - After Degas, 2018. Drawing from the past, he comments on the present. Degas’ Interior is one of his most mysterious paintings, depicting a man and a partially clothed woman in a dramatically lit room. The painting has sometimes been called Le Viol (The Rape). The painting appears on the wall of Laurence’s setting. He writes, “My paintings are sometimes prophetic of things taking place outside of my own personal experiences. I started this piece a year before the #MeToo movement exploded with its subsequent outing of the abuse of women by powerful men. Having long been fascinated by Degas’ peculiar painting Interior, I made homage to it in mine, top right. In my painting we are keenly aware of an event having taken place in the bedroom, possibly sexual and that both the woman and the man are trapped in their differing conceptions of what has just passed between them"
view the complete article here
Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art
'3rd Annual Juried Exhibition 2019'
WMOCA, 309 McClellan St. Wausau, Wisconsin
Tue – Sat: noon – 5 p.m
October 8 – December 28, 2019

I am happy to be exhibiting a painting once again in the third yearly juried show at the Wausau Museum and the brainchild of its wonderful and creative director David Hummer. This year’s juror is John Dalton. You might know of him from his highly successful Podcast “Gently does it”. Mr. Dalton is an internationally respected artist, painter, photographer and writer in County Kerry, Ireland.

A reception for the Artists will be held on October 10th from 6-8pm. If you are nearby, do join John Dalton for the evening as this year’s award recipients are announced.

Download and view a digital catalogue of the show  here
American Art Collector Magazine
'Figurative Art Today' by John O'Herne
July issue 2019  
"Geoffrey Laurence is represented in the exhibition by his enigmatic painting Interior - After Degas, 2018. Drawing from the past, he comments on the present. Degas’ Interior is one of his most mysterious paintings, depicting a man and a partially clothed woman in a dramatically lit room. The painting has sometimes been called Le Viol (The Rape). The painting appears on the wall of Laurence’s setting. He writes, “My paintings are sometimes prophetic of things taking place outside of my own personal experiences. I started this piece a year before the #MeToo movement exploded with its subsequent outing of the abuse of women by powerful men. Having long been fascinated by Degas’ peculiar painting Interior, I made homage to it in mine, top right. In my painting we are keenly aware of an event having taken place in the bedroom, possibly sexual and that both the woman and the man are trapped in their differing conceptions of what has just passed between them"
view article here
Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art
'Painting the Figure Now-2019'
WMOCA, 309 McClellan St. Wausau, Wisconsin
Tue – Sat: noon – 5 p.m

July 9, 2019 – September 28, 2019

I am delighted to be part of the second yearly show of this exhibition dedicated to contemporary figure painting. Along with a selection of invited artists like Vincent Desidirio, Bo Bartlett and Nick Alm, it is the intention of Museum Director David Hummer "to show each year quality paintings that investigate the many ways we see the human figure today; contemporary approaches to portraiture, narrative, and any and all visualizations focusing on the human form in life, action, play, work and repose". If you are nearby, do come and visit a unique showing of the very best in figure painting today.

A catalogue of the show is available from the museum website - WMOCA
Marin museum of Contemporary Art
Ron Collins: Selections from his Collection
June 15, 2019 - August 4, 2019

I'm very honoured to part of Mr. Collins' interesting and diverse collection of art in his private museum and delighted that the public will get see a small portion of it, including some of my work at the Marin MOCA.
He has amassed an eclectic collection of over 1000 works of art, representing diverse interests in ideas, media and style.
He says: “I choose art that speaks to me… art that is honest, mysterious, fun, edgy, hopeful, and important to each artist. Art is my pleasure and collecting is my way of acknowledging the artist and honoring visual art forms at every level.”

Marin MOCA’s exhibition is a rare public unveiling of some of Mr. Collins favorite examples of portraits and figures.

The public is invited to view the collection and meet Mr. Collins during his 4pm art talk just prior to the Opening Reception on June 15, from 5pm - 7pm. This exhibit is free to the public.


April 2019  

Many art collectors encounter frustration in connecting with the best contemporary art available right now. Sometimes a collector is interested in an artist but the work they like is not available. Often, the best work is committed to gallery shows or exhibitions or is already sold or committed to other collectors. Painters can take years to develop new work between shows and the art they are making in these gaps can be little seen and invisible to any collector. Occasionally, really terriific art just does not find a home with the right collector.
GOSS183 is an attempt to resolve this situation with a collector’s catalogue that offers a group of twenty artists and their very best available art, selectively curated to a standard of excellence.
The catalogue has been curated by Didi Menendez and Walt Morton and produced by her online creation PoetsArtists.com. A printed version is also available for purchase.

Goss183 - download here

Poets&Artists magazine invited me to do an interview with them and answer a few questions about my work and explain a little about its genesis etc.
I was happy to oblige although explaining paintings, in my opinion, is only one person's point of view and I don't really believe that paintings,
if they are truly working, can really be explained in words. They are in a different language,an older anguage and hopefullyencourage deeper thought and experience in the viewer than semantics.

Read whole interview here


WMOCA 2nd Annual National Juried Exhibition
Oct 2 – Dec 29, 2018
WMOCA, 309 McClellan St. Wausau, Wisconsin
Tue – Sat: noon – 5 p.m
Artists reception: October 11 6-8pm
This is the Second Annual National Juried Exhibition put on by WMOCA and I am happy to have been selected to show my painting 'Departure' amongst many fine painters. This year’s juror is Frank Bernarducci, owner of the Bernarducci Gallery in New York and he will be present at the artists' opening on October 11. The WMOCA, under the directorship of David Hummer, is fast becoming known for its exhibits of figurative art and as a bridge between the established art worlds that exist on the east and west coast. If you are in the area, please do come to the opening reception or visit the show while its up.
The New Nude II
Artsy/Zhou B Art Center, Chicago,IL
7th -31st August, 2018
Virtual exhibit and catalogue

I recently joined the Poets&Artists roster, started by former gallery director and curator Didi Menendez who has formed an online agreement with, amongst other things,
the Zhou B Art Center and Artsy to show some of the online exhibits she organises using invited additional curators.
I was accepted into this one to show my painting 'The Old Man's Shoes'. Expect to see more from me in the coming months with regards to P&A exhibits etc. Didi is a tireless organiser and I am delighted to be part of her attempt to deal with the confused reality of the contemporary art market at the moment and offer an alternative approach.
You can view works in the show at the link beloiw

View works here


Sonoma Magazine
May 2018  'STILL LIFE'

Its always nice to see an article on where my paintings are. My very favourite collector Ron Collins' extraordinary collection is partly housed in his own private museum, a huge building designed to resemble a french chateau. Visiting it is like an altered experience to take in. He calls it his 'monument to insanity'. With wonderful views that stretch for miles over the Marin County wine growing area, and many different rooms, Ron is now retired and able to spend time every week walking around the vast amassment of art that has grabbed his eye over decades, rearranging things and placing new acquisitions. Non contemporary art like Picassos and Dalis etc. are kept elsewhere, the museum is purely for his own enjoyment. A very private and dignified person, I am honoured to be amongst his friends.

Read the full article here
5th Annual invitational NM Painters
Highlands University/Santa Fe County Building
9th September - 8th November, 2018
Santa Fe Opening reception: 14th October

I am pleased to be taking part in this local exhibit of painters living in New Mexico. Started by Dr. Robert Bell, who donated some 2000 prints from his considerable print collection to the university and curated by James Mann, former curator of the Las Vegas NV Museum of Contemporary Art, this is now in its 5th year. I like to support the local arts community when I can, whether by showing or teaching, as I believe it is important to maintain a sense of community in these shifting times.


'Tradition and Transformation'
Professor Ori Z.Soltes
Published by Canal Street Studios (Ist edition July 19, 2016)

Soon to be re-published in a full colour edition, I am so honoured to be included amongst the many great artists in this book. It addresses the idea of Jewish art and architecture by posing and responding to a series of questions. These begin with the unresolved conceptual definition of “Jewish” and the consequent complication attached to any noun—literature, art, music, dance, thought—to which that adjective is appended.

“Mr. Soltes has done a staggering job in charting the 3000-year trajectory of Jewish Art, a topic often misrepresented and misunderstood. But he actually has done much more than that. He has successfully articulated the historical, religious and cultural currents whereby a new Jewish Art has forthrightly emerged.”

Prof Soltes teaches in the Program for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, and is the former Director and Curator of the B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum. He has curated over eighty exhibitions, and is the author of several hundred articles, essays and books.

Read the full excerpt about my work here
August 2017-August 2018

I have joined an exciting new online gallery called LIFT. My exhibit will be up for a year and may change as the site evolves and new technology unfolds. The site works on desktops and laptops and there are now mobile apps available for phones and ipads.

As more and more physical galleries close their premises and the digital reality takes over completely, perhaps this is the shape of galleries in the near future. Let me know your thoughts...

The exhibit page can take a minute to load depending on your internet speed. You can click on a picture to walk up to it, click on the enlargement icon or click on the floor and drag to move through the gallery from picture to picture.
Beauty's Vineyard
by Prof. Kimberly Vrudny
Published by Liturgical Press - May 23, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-8146-8407-8

In her recent book, Professor Vrudny locates beauty as the 'vineyard' of a just and loving community and integrates the idea of beauty and the role of art as crucial to the work of theology. She uses 8 paintings by 8 different artists as focal points for her exploration of contemporary christian thinking in what she terms is "this age of anguish and anticipation", sharing profound insights from her own rich experience and from her extensive knowledge of the scriptures, letting us see both the harsh reality of suffering and the imperative of hope in fresh and contemporary ways.

I am deeply honoured for my painting 'Hold Fast' to be chosen as the focus for one of the chapters and to be amongst such illustrious company.

Other artists in the book are Jerome Witkin, Rothko, Samuel Bak, Kehinde Wiley, Seladin Stafa, Kukuli Velarde, Ricardo Cinalli.

Kimberly Vrudny is an associate professor of systematic theology at the University of St. Thomas. She teaches and publishes in the areas of political theology, theological aesthetics, and the arts. She is also the senior editor of the academic journal ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies.

The book is available in paperback and ebook from Liturgical Press and Amazon

View excerpt here
'Iswaswillbe' -The Holocaust Series
Curated by Simon Zalkind
Fulginiti Pavilion for Bioethics and
Humanities Art Gallery
Anschutz Medical Campus
13080 E. 19th Ave. Aurora, CO 80045
3rd April - 2nd August 2016
A solo show of my holocaust work to mark national Holocaust Remembrance month.

Just as the sciences require special facilities to support human discovery, so also must the arts have distinctive spaces to celebrate human imagination. The gallery at the Fulginiti Pavilion is dedicated to bridging the cultural divide between science and art to explore the most essential questions about human experience: who we are and how do we care for one another?

Past exhibits also curated by Simon Zalkind for the Fulginiti have included work by Russian artist Ernst Neizvestny, Sarah Richter, Jenny Morgan,The Joe Bonham Project, Natalie Kutner, Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman.

Opening Reception:
April 3, 2016 3:00 – 6:00 PM

View exhibition brochure    View photos of exhibition     Press

Conversation with Curator, Simon Zalkind and Geoffrey Laurence:
“Art After the Holocaust: The Generation of Postmemory”
Center for Bioethics and Humanities
THE Magazine
February/March 2016  'ART FORUM'

"THE magazine asked a clinical psychologist and two people who love art for their take on this 2015 oil-on-canvas painting —Departure— by Geoffrey Laurence. They were shown only the image and were given no other information."

An interesting article idea in the current bi-monthly edition of THE magazine - three people were seperately sent an image of a painting, all of them unknown to the artist and including a psychologist. They were asked for their understanding and interpretation of the painting. In this issue they were shown my painting 'Departure' in its initial grisaille layer stage. I found it fascinating how different they all are to each other and to my own interpretation of the piece.

Read the full article here
Santa Fean Magazine
December 2015  Art Previews
"Focusing on the work of Santa Fe painter Geoffrey Laurence, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, this show features work that evokes emotional response. Laurence draws upon his experience as an illustrator for magazines, such as Woman's World, and in graphic and interior design, to ground his work in realism, but moves his figurative paintings into emotional narratives with gentle, subliminal effects."
Lacuna Gallery
124 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501
4th - 31st December 2015
I am having a solo show at Lacuna Galleries during the month of December. Some old and some new works will be on exhibit. If you happen to be in Santa Fe during December please do come and see it. Opening is on the 4th 5-7pm.
124 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505 467 8424
Cell 505 690 7687 (Olaf)
Cell 415 629 1608 (Sheryle)

I am pleased to announce my joining the Lacuna Gallery in Santa Fe, located downtown in an historic building just near the plaza. Olaf and Sheryle Moon, owners of Lacuna Galleries, come from a long line of artists, originating in the 1700’s in Fife, Scotland, and now largely resident in Australia, but also with members in the UK and USA. I look much forwards to showing wiith them.

American Art Collector magazine
March 2015 issue #113
'Inward Meaning' by John O'Hern


Its not often that the public gets to see the private collections that an artist's works reside in. Santa Fe based art collector and good friend George Goldstein is featured in American Art Collector magazine this month with some of my works that he owns shown.
"When asked about his advice for other collectors, [George] replies, "I follow my heart, and then my head will follow. If a piece speaks to me, I buy it. But I allow myself 24 hours to think about it (I've lost art that way.) I think about what it means to me, and can I live the rest of my life with it?"

VETTA Magazine
December-January 2015

A nice write-up about the gallery in Vetta magazine.
Pick up a copy if you are in Austin, TX
Collectors' Collections
NOVEMBER 3rd - 22nd 2014
Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, CA

An interesting idea - notable collectors showing some of their favourite pieces, not necessarily for resale, together in a gallery space setting.

A good friend and collector of my work, Ronald Collins, is lending one of my pieces from his extensive collection, along with other works. If you are in San Francisco during November, go have a glass of wine at the reception and see.

Featured collectors are Ronald Collins, Thomas DeWitt, Charles Himmelblau, Andrew Teufel, Michael Verdone and Kevin Webber. Among other artists exhibited are works by Leonora Fini, Leonora Carrington, William Baziotes, Alice Rahon, Lyndall Bass and Yang Yongliang.


Show opens Saturday November 3rd 2014. Collectors' private reception: Nov 15th 4-6 p.m.
Sandra Lee Gallery, 251 Post Street, Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94108
Open Tues - Sat 10am-5.30pm      TEL: 415.291.8000      art@sandraleegallery.com


702 San Antonio Street, Austin, Texas 78701
TEL: 737.703.5632
HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

I am delighted to have joined Kathryn Goodnite Fine Art (formerly Gallery 702) in Austin, Texas. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, currently at the rate of 150 people moving there per day .The gallery is located in the historic Bremond Block District, a Victorian-era neighborhood located near the centre of downtown.

The gallery will be present at numerous art fairs during the year and will be welcoming guests with a grand opening celebration on Thursday, September 18th. The gallery will primarily represent national and international artists, along with new and emerging Texas talent.

New Mexico Painters Exhibition ~ First Invitational
AUGUST 17 -OCTOBER 15 2014
Hylands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico

I have two paintings in this first invitational show at the new Kennedy Hall exhibition space at Hylands University campus in Las Vegas.

Curated by Dr. James Mann with more than 50 established and up-and-coming New Mexico artists including: Jerry West, Geoffrey Laurence,
Sara Novenson, Lyndall Bass, Monika Steinhoff, William Gonzales, Anthony Ryder, Sarah McCarty, Nacho Jaramillo, Joel Greene, Thayer Carter and Janet Stein-Romero.


“This exhibition demonstrates once again that New Mexico has a community of sophisticated artists of national importance.These artists are at the forefront of the remaking of visual art.
The state’s spectacular natural environment provides inspiring energy for these artists’ unique work. Both New Mexico culture and global concerns are well represented. It’s an ambitious exhibition,” said Mann, who curated more than 50 exhibitions from 1996-2005 for the Las Vegas Art Museum in Nevada. “There’s an enormous variety of subject matter, ranging from portraiture and still life to landscape and mythology.”
Opening reception 4-7 p.m. August 17 2014
Margaret Kennedy Hall, New Mexico Highlands University, 905 University Ave., Las Vegas, N.M.
'On Fine Art' - August 2014

John Coppola, NYC art critic and former New York Academy alumni has written a nice piece about me in his ongoing, online art blog. You can find it at his website below .
The Guardi Project
Steven Prins & Co.

I was called in by Steven Prins, the internationally known painting conservator, to help with inpainting on a canvas reputedly by the Italian 18th century painter Francesco Guardi. The picture arrived in Steven's studio in an extremely poor state with heavy losses and abrasion and a broken frame. The painting was relined and then, after it was stabilised and the losses filled, I did my best to replicate the master's brushwork, using resin conservation colours and gouche. It has taken me over 6 months to complete and it is now finished, in a newly carved and gold leafed reproduction of its original frame and is back in the collection of its happy owner.

You can view the before and after results, with close up details, by clicking here
TREKELL Brush Company
Featured Artist - June 2014

The Trekell brush company, whom I highly recommend as I love and use their brushes, have made me their current featured artist on their website. I am flattered and honoured.
A visit to their website shows the wide range of their individually hand made brushes at incredibly good prices. Located in Hesperia, California, they have been making artists' brushes for 25 years and are available only through mailorder.
The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, Volume 10: 1973-2005
Deborah Dash Moore (Editor) Nurith Gertz (Editor)
Publisher: Yale University Press

I am so honoured to have my work included in the latest volume of the Posen Library anthology.

A treasury of Jewish creative works from around the world, this volume of the Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization introduces readers to the great diversity of Jewish civilization, covering the momentous period from 1973 to 2005. The full sweep of Jewish culture—high and low, famous and obscure, religious and secular—is gathered here, with hundreds of examples from literature, visual arts, and popular culture, as well as intellectual and spiritual works.

The book shows how contemporary Jewish culture was affected by the feminist movement, Israeli politics after the Yom Kippur War, Russian Jewish emigration, the rise of identity politics in the United States, South American revolutions and dictatorships, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and much more. Available from Amazon etc.
American Art Collector magazine
August 2012 issue #82
'HEADS UP' by John O'Hern
"It is always interesting to view an exhibition curated by an artist. An artist, especially one of the caliber of Geoffrey Laurence, can't help but include works by some of his friends because likes attract. The thrill is to find the unexpected or an artist whose work you have never seen. Also, in a time when photography as art rather than tool is still suspect among some painters, it is refreshing to read this from the curator: "I should mention also that I felt it important for this show to include two photographers whose work strongly touches on identity and whose work has pictorial affinities to painting. Their work reflects the same intensity of interest in seeking psychic connection with the sitter and capturing it on film."
There are also portraits of artists by other artists such as David Simon's bronze bust of the painter Sean Cheetham. No portrait of Cheetham would be true without his tattoos. Simon faced a considerable challenge to indicate the tattoos in the patina of his sculpture.
Daniel Hughes' Portrait of Shayne Dark portrays the Canadian sculptor of organic forms in nature. The detail and intensity of the portrait conveys a feeling of an elemental natural force itself, made even more imposing by its 50‑by‑30‑inch dimensions. Artists sometimes incorporate aspects of themselves in their work.
Laurence includes several paintings he calls "'fantasy' portraits rather than literal responses to a sitter." Describing the works, he says they reflect more "of the artist's 'inner' visions of self and the world outside, and strive also to come to terms with the concept of identity and its meaning for them. They also inevitably reflect some physical aspects of the artists' own features." Among these is Lyndall Bass' Red, White, & Blue.
Artists also paint themselves. Juliette Aristides' Self Portrait in Thought is an ethereal contrast to Hughes' portrait of Shayne Dark. Aristides suggests an inner world to which she can retreat. As a teacher, she says, "I believe that there is more than one path that a person can follow to be a well‑trained artist. What is necessary, however, is a passion for excellence, discipline and an unflinching desire to pursue truth."
The passion of the curator and the artists in the exhibit, Heads Up, is apparent in their work." •
July 6  – August 5 2012
714 Canyon Rd. Santa Fe, NM, 87501

I was invited by the Steven Boone gallery on Canyon Rd in Santa Fe to curate a portrait show which opens this coming Friday July 6th. It features the work of 25 artists from across the USA and Canada.


If you are in the area please come to the opening party or visit the show. It will be up for a month until August 5th. The works in the show can be viewed here on the gallery website.

You can read the mission statement I wrote for the show here.


INTERLOPERS - works on paper
Evoke Contemporary Gallery
2nd - 31st March 2012
130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite F
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Hours: Mon-Sat 10 - 5
I'm delighted to be showing as part of this wonderful drawings show at Evoke Contemporary here in Santa Fe. Drawing shows are rare these days, certainly in Santa Fe.

Curated by Katherine Erickson, owner of Evoke and featuring, among others, drawings from the Diane and Sandy Besser estate. Sandy owned 8 of my drawings and passed away last year. A large amount of his extensive drawings collecton is donated to the DeYoung museum in San Francisco (click here). May he rest in peace.

The Museum of Biblical Art
7500 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas
Tel: 214 368-4MBA (4622)
Open Tuesdays - Saturdays: 10 am - 5 pm
Sundays: 1 - 5 pm. Mondays: Closed


Several paintings from my Holocaust series - Iswaswillbe, Those The River Keeps, Zyklon and the installation piece 'Inheritance', on loan from private collections, will be on view to the public for the next year at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas.

The more than 50 year old museum, founded by Mattie Caruth Byrd, was destroyed by fire in 2005, along with its contents including 2,500 works of art and all of the popular Judeo-Christian displays and galleries. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors made the choice to re-build and make the new museum bigger.

Featured Artists in the present collection Include: John Singer Sargent, Marc Chagall, Jacques Lipchitz, Ben Shahn, Paolo Verenese, Francesco Guardi, Agam, Kathe Köllwitz, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Emil Nolde, James Tissot, Oskar Kokoschka, Bernard Buffet, Andy Warhol, Everett Shinn, John Marin.

I am indebted to the director of the museum, Mr. Scott Peck, for making this possible and am honored to be amongst such distinguished company.

101 Exhibit GallerY
EMERGE - group show
101 NE 40th St, Miami, Florida
April 9th - May 12th 2011

I will be exhibiting work in a group show at 101/exhibit Gallery in Miami, Florida.

Artists I will be showing with are:
Joshua Hagler, Chambliss Giobbi,
Ted Vasin, Ricky Allman, Michael Dixon, Catherine Ryan, Jennifer Poon
Allison Cortson, Austin Parkhill
and Andy Curlowe.

If you are visiting Miami during that time, please do come and see it.
Holocaust Videos, Audios, and Research.

Remember.org, started in 1993 by Michael Declan Dunn, gets millions of visitors a year and has kindly featured my work since 2007. Now the cybrary has introduced a new media site on the web for holocaust based videos and audio. The Holocaust Channel is the next step in a project to help teachers and students find reliable resources relating to the Holocaust online.

The Holocaust Channel is currently featuring a short video about the Auschwitz concentration camp, directed by the British filmaker Stephen Green. The movie also includes some of my holocaust related paintings. Here it is:


101 Exhibit GallerY
101 NE 40th St, Miami, Florida 33137
TEL: 305.573.2101 ~ FAX: 305.573.6101
HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm

I am really happy to announce that I have joined 101/exhibit Gallery in Miami, Florida. The gallery has been open for over 3 yrs and is located in the heart of Miami's Design District. It is a unique space dedicated to exhibiting exceptional fine and contemporary art and seeks to provide a dynamic program of artists unrestricted by era, locale, or convention.

Amongst the artists I will have the privilege of showing with are Charles Pfahl, Jason Shawn Alexander, Roger Arvid Anderson, Bo Bartlet, David Bowers, Margaret Bowland, Isabelle du toit, Claudio Ethos, Robert Fleisher, Gabriel Grün, Michelle Hinebrook, Marcus Jansen, Curtis Lafollette, Marilyn Manson, John Monteiro, Pat Rocha, Jorge Santos, John Woodward.

The gallery will be present at numerous art fairs during the year including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami Basel.

'The Holocaust Series: Paintings 1996 - 2010
by Geoffrey Laurence, Dr Ori Z. Soltes
Published By Lomnitz Press 2010
Recently published and available now for purchase. The book has 55 colour illustrations, many of them full page plus never before shown studies for the paintings. It includes texts about the stories behind the images in the series with an introductory essay on the works by well known author and former museum director Professor Ori Soltes.
January 14 ~ March 19, 2011
60 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Tel: 212.206.5548
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-4pm

Currently up in New york and on until March 19th, I have a painting included in this mixed show. The show, featuring the work of 69 artists was curated by New York Academy of Art President, David Kratz, and Dean of Academic Affairs, Peter Drake in conjunction with the Forbes Galleries, NYC and is helping to raise scholarship funds for the New York Academy of Art.

The gallery is located in the Forbes Building on Fifth Avenue and is free and open to the public through the duration of the exhibition.

To view the exhibition online, click here
Limited Edition Archival Prints
Available now from the Artslant saleroom

Featured in December at Artslant's Golden Frame exhibition at Aqua Art Miami, three of my paintings are now available in a limited edition of 30 prints.They come with a certificate of authentication signed by me. You can order a variety of sizes, on paper or canvas, unframed or framed and delivered ready to hang on your wall.

Fontbonne Fine Arts Gallery
February 4th – March 2nd 2011
6800 Wydown Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63105
phone: (314) 719-3580

My drawing study for 'The cave' painting has been accepted into this international juried exhibition of contemporary figure drawing and will be on show at the Fontbonne University Fine Arts gallery until March 2nd. The show has been curated by Michael Grimaldi and Ellen Gochnour, the gallery Director.


ArtSlant online contemporary art network

Artslant are currenty featuring me in their Santa Fe "News & Buzz" section. ArtSlant.com, the premier contemporary art network, opened its first arts portal in Los Angeles to the contemporary art world in February 2007. They provide an extensive calendar of arts events, a vibrant community of contemporary artists, as well as the best in art buzz, reviews, commentary and events on a city-by-city basis to the worldwide arts scene.

And given his enormous talent his technical virtuosity, his dedication, the beauty and intensity of what he creates, and the inexplicable pull of his paintings, he deserves far more recognition and acclaim than what's come his way. Is he toiling away in obscurity out here in the high-desert terrain, an ocean away from his roots, from the hoopla of New York and L.A. and Art Basel? Does he care? "It's not an ego that's painting these things." he says from his studio in Santa Fe. "It's a mystical experience. I don't care what happens outside that door."
Santa fean Magazine
October / November 2010
'Art of Light, Art of Life' by Devon Jackson
'The salvational struggles of Geoffrey Laurence'
"IF IT HADN'T BECOME HIS BURDEN - DUTY- passion to try to find a meaningful artistic response to the Holocaust, Geoffrey Laurence probably would've found himself an equally metaphysical life struggle. even if he'd ended up a car salesman, a baker, or a painter of rainbows and kittens. Imagine a Saul Bellow character come to life in the form of Gabriel Byrne, only bald. Laurence. 60. is charming and erudite, questioning, a bit tortured, a bit saddened, a wicked mimic. self-effacing, and humble.
Read the whole article here
'Inheritance' Solo Show
1st - 31st October 2010
150 West Marcy Street, Santa Fe NM 87501  Tel: 866 820 0113

I am excited to announce that Skotia gallery will be presenting my most personal solo show and my first since 2006. It includes work inspired by the effects of WWII on my familly and an installation piece 'Inheritance', also a first for me, that includes objects from my father's wartime experiences.

The upstairs gallery will be showing the work of the Hungarian photographer Peter Korniss and I am honoured to be showing concurrently with him.

Here is a preview of some of the work in the show:

(the above Flash file may not be viewable on phones/Ipads)
Opening night reception is on Friday,October 1, 2010
from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. Please contact the gallery for further info.
A Studio VisIt With Geoffrey Laurence...
Jack Lee, director and owner of Fish Monkey Films came by the studio for a visit and brought his camera with him. Here is a short interview that he made:

NAKED Group Show

150 West Marcy Street
Santa fe, 87501
Tel: 866 820 0113

2nd - 30th July 2010
Opening night reception is on Thursday, July 1, 2010
from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Please contact the gallery for further info.

I am delighted to be taking part in Skotia Gallery's realism invitational show with guest artists including Agostino Arrivabene, Lyndall Bass, Tony Curanaj, David Larned, Jeremy Mann, Valerio D'Ospina, Elliott Wall, Fred Wessell and new gallery artists Roberto Ferri and Graydon Parrish.

Re-Presenting the Nude curated by John O'Hern
2nd - 30th July 2010
130 Lincoln Avenue
Santa Fe, 87501

Hours: Mon-Sat 10 - 5

I am honoured to be invited to take part in an exhibit at Evoke contemporary, curated by John O'hern. John is Santa Fe Editor of American Art Collector and Western Art Collector magazines and was Executive Director and Curator of the Arnot Art Museum where he originated the innovative biennial exhibitions of contemporary realism, “Re-Presenting Representation.

Some of the artists taking part include: Sharon Allicotti, Daniel Barkley, Michael Bergt, F. Scott Hess, Sabin Howard, Javier Marín, Scherer + Ouporov, Paul Rahilly, Wade Reynolds, Jon Eric Riis, Karen Rosenthal, David Simon, Frederick Spencer, Daniel Sprick, Roxanne Swentzell,
Bernardo Torrens, James Tyler, Patricia Watwood, Gary Weisman, Kent Williams, Will Wilson

www.evokecontemporary.com opening reception Thursday evening, Ist July from 5 – 8 pm
American Art Collector magazine
April 2010 issue #54
'Transcending the West' by John O'Hern
"When I visited Geoffrey Laurence in his studio, he was working on a very large canvas in which John Wayne and his angel confront each other with guns drawn (in a supermarket). Western characters are rare in his work, however. Laurence moved to New Mexico in1996. As he worked on the surface that would become John Wayne's gun, he talked about the role of photography in contemporary realist painting and some people's desire for photographic realism.“When I paint a portrait of someone who is sitting for me,” Laurence observed,“it is not just a
matter of perceiving the effects of the the light falling on them, I also know what they sound like, what their skin feels like, how they smell and usually many aspects of their current life that they choose to share with me. . . My pictorial memory is constantly running in the back of my mind, comparing the many paintings I have experienced viewing and the paintings I myself have made in the past. All these things are important for me to try and communicate through my brush and to which I respond, often subconsciously, whilst painting. These are things a camera cannot do.”


Yom HaShoa Service, April 2009
I was honoured to have been asked by Sheppard Airforce base in Texas for permission to use some of my holocaust images for their Yom Hashoa remembrance service this year. My thanks to Test Control Officer Roberta F. Sheehy and Declan Dunn from Remembrance.Org for the invitation.
American Art Collector magazine
April 2009 issue #42
'On the lighter side' by John O'Hern
"When I asked Geoffrey Laurence for a painting to use in this column he responded "I don't really do humour (as you know) but ... I think my red self-portrait is sort of humorous..."
Here, Laurence captures a momentary expression that contains a variety of emotions from hauteur to silliness. The figures in his large, dramatic, narrative paintings are full of expresion and as he says "common emotional themes".  Although this portrait could be of Samuel Johnson looking down at puns, Laurence is not above word play when he addresses even serious topics.
Laurence says " I don't feel comfortable with being described as a 'realist'. I have no interest in 'realism' per se. My interest as an artist continues to be in exploring emotional response to my drawings and paintings and I would rather be described as a 'feelist'. "


150 West Marcy Street
Santa fe, 87501
Tel: 866 820 0113
Open Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm
Sun 12pm - 5pm
Gala Opening - 1st May 2009 - 5-8pm

I am really delighted to announce that I have joined a new gallery in Santa Fe, dedicated to showing the best in contemporary figurative art. Skotia will also be opening a second gallery in Dubai, scheduled for completion in 2010.
It is located in the new GALA gallery district (Galleries At Lincoln Avenue), downtown near the plaza.

Artists included so far are Juliette Aristides, Katelyn Alain, Steve Huston, Christopher Pelley, Mark Spencer, Daniel Sprick, Ray Turner, Rimi Yang... and myself.


Santa Fe New Mexican      February 14th 2009
'Artwork given as gift valued at $1 million'

"The State Department of Cultural Affairs has received a gift of artworks valued at $1 million."

"The gift came from former Santa Fe residents Edith and Ernest Schwartz. The collection includes works by more than 100 artists, including Dan Namingha, Glenna Goodacre, Geoffrey Laurence, Gregory Lomayesva, Kevin Red Star, R.C. Gorman, Ford Ruthling and Melissa Zink."

Ernie and Edie Schwartz Donation
NM Department of Cultural affairs
American Art Collector magazine
June 2008 issue #32
'Portrait of a man' by John O'Hern
"Geoffrey Laurence often does several drawings of several short poses on one sheet of paper. Rich with quick impressions, an economy of line, bold gesture, and even erasures, Laurence's response to the model brims with energy.
Laurence's 'Raven 3' is done in charcoal and pastel.The tied-back hair and the high color of the flesh barely contain the energy of the taut musculature and the clenched jaw line. These works contrast with the more controlled, tightly painted canvases for which he is well known."
Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
by Juliette Aristides
published by Watson-Guptill, 2006, 2008

Its always such a pleasure to be able to drop by to see Juliette whenever I am up in Seattle teaching at the Gage Academy and have lunch in her studio.

She has recently published a second book to follow her first excellent book on drawing and I appreciate being included once again amongst the contemporary artists she has used as examples in the book.
They are both currently available from Amazon.
February 16 - March 1, 2008

I have been invited to take part in a show at the Douglas Udell gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, which opens on February 16th 2008 and runs for two weeks until March.

I have not had the opportunity to exhibit in Canada before and I happily welcome this chance.

The show will be viewable online onwards from a week before its opening - DouglasUdellgallery.com

January 7 - March 1 , 2008

Who says all artists are self obsessed?
My red self-portrait is in a show right now at Gallery One in Ellensburg, Washington until March 1st. Curated by gallery director Robert Tomlinson and dedicated to artists' portraits of themselves.

Artists included are: Lauren Ari, Ree Brown Justin Colt Beckman, Therese Brown, Rory Burke, Larry Calkins, Steve Davis, Dianna Elliott, Richard Elliott, Stephen John Ellis , Carlee Fernandez, Scott Fife, Geoff Flack, Angela Fraleigh , Mary Frances, Jazno Francoeur, Barbara Fugate, Anne Grigich, Joseph Guggino , Molly Hill, Claire Johnson, Scott Kolbo, Mona Kuhn, Geoffrey Laurence, Donna Malek, Fiona McGuigan, Steven Miller, Charlotte Niel, Jane Orleman, Alan Pace, Ann Ploeger, Dorothy Rissman, Stephen Rue, Tom Semple, Anne Siems, John Sloan, Francesca Sundsten, Kate Stigdon , Joanna Thomas, Keith Tilford, Amanda Triggs, Elliott Wall , Tilde Weems , John White, Helene Wilder, Claude Zervas.

408 N Pearl Street
Ellensburg, WA
Essays on the Arts and the Holocaust
by Ori Z. Soltes
published by Eshel Books, 2007

Professor Soltes has a written a series of essays, now pubished as a book, on the arts in relation to the Holocaust and in it he refers to some of my work. It is serious and thought provoking. From his preface:
" The juxtoposition of the terms 'Arts' and 'Holocaust' seems inherently paradoxical; the one pertaining to creation and the other to destruction. The fact is the two not only coexist, they are the mirror of the coexistent power of creation and destruction across the history and geography of human beings."

to read a further excerpt click here

The Teaching Company
'Art across the Ages'
Taught by Prof. Ori Z. Soltes - Course # 7150

The Teaching Company is famous for its many fascinating courses on tape and DVD and I am honoured to be included in their latest art history course. Ori Soltes, professor of Theology and Fine Arts at Georgetown University has created a series of lectures called
'Art across the Ages', filled with unique and new insights into the history of western art . Following one of his recurring themes - that of the transformation and reconfiguration of ideas in art across the centuries - he discusses my painting 'Hold Fast' in some depth in the lecture entitled "Art, Politics and Religion from era to era".
Photo by Peter Ogilvie
  Santa Fean Magazine
October / November issue 2007

Its rare that I get the pleasure of actually seeing my work hanging in the homes of my collectors, so I am thrilled to see a picture of George and Lynn Goldstein's living room in the October issue of Santa Fean magazine.

"The couple hang the art they both feel most passionate about in the public areas of their home. The living/dining area's diamond plaster walls are replete with large-scale figurative paintings by New Mexico artists including Geoffrey Laurence"
October 5 - November 5 , 2007

If you are around in Santa Fe in October, I have work in the invitational realism show at Klaudia Marr Gallery on Canyon Rd, now in its 14th year.

Artists included this year are: William Barnes, Michael Bergt, David Michael Bowers, Robert Brawley, Laura Brink, Pamela Carroll, Tricia Cline, Julie Comnick, Morgan Craig, Craig Cully, Daniel David, Lynn Davison, Marc Dennis, Mary Frances Dondelinger, Don Eddy, Emilia Faro, Toc Fetch, William Fogg, Steven Graber, Tyson Grumm, Julia Hunkins, Daniel Jackson, Jared Joslin, Steven Kenny, , Alan Magee, David Mauldin, Susan McDonnell, Heidi McFall, Kenney Mencher, John Nava, Brian O'Connor, Larry Ogan, Laura Orchard, Jaime Valero Perandones, Robert Peterson, Antonio Roybal, Aristides Ruiz, Jorge Santos, Gustavo Schmidt, Myra Schuetter, Jeanette Pasin Sloan, Steve Smulka, Michael Sokolis, JoanneTeasdale, Jared Antonio-Justo Trujillo, Timur Tsaku, Eric Wert, Rodney Wood, Irina Zaytceva, Eric Zener, Baochi Zhang... and of course myself.

View the show online at KlaudiaMarrGallery.com

  New York Academy  'SUMMER EXHIBIT 2007'
June 7th through July 18th

If you happen to be in Manhattan over the next month, I am currently in a group show at the New York Academy of Art, curated by Vincent Desiderio, Eric Fischl and Jenny Saville.
The show is open daily from 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm at 111 Franklin Street, New York, tel 212.966.0300

The show is viewable online on the NYAA site:

Summer Exhibition 2007
Albuquerque Journal North
Friday, March 23, 2007
'Santa Fe Artists Share a Passion at Their Weekly Sessions
by Kathaleen Roberts

"Painter Geoffrey Laurence takes an ambidextrous approach to charcoal and pastel, his blackened fingers testament to his dual skills as he captures steep contrasts in shadows and light. Laurence shows his work at LewAllen Contemporary. He likens drawing to a musician's scales.
"Artists have to draw all the time," he said. "Rembrandt was sketching constantly. It's like exercise. If I don't draw for three weeks, it starts to go. It's just like a muscle."
He taught himself to work with both hands, insisting each appendage possesses its own character.
"The left is more female; the right is more male," Laurence said. "The left is curvilinear, the right is more linear. Why walk around with this one thing that's hanging down there like a dead limb? We don't use one foot."
  Photo: Eddie Moore
Art In America
March 2007 issue

Not to be outdone by Art News magazine's mispelling of my first name in the April 2002 issue, Art In America magazine decided this month to have done with the weird spelling altogether and changed it to "Gregory". Thanks!

George Sugarman (1912-1999), was a prolific and controversial American artist. Always interested in the well-being of dedicated artists, Sugarman provided for them in his will.
In an era when much visual art fails to address the profound existing issues of violence, poverty, war and discrimination, the George Sugarman Foundation offers annual grants to painters and sculptors who are engaged in the creation of artworks that incorporate humane themes.

Howard Tullman's Collection
'Hindsight' blog'
Collector Howard Tullman posted his purchase of my painting '9-11' on his blog site 'Hindsight' so I am returning the compliment here. Scroll down and click on any name to view works in his amazing collection. I'm in good company!
Art-Talk magazine
February 2007
'Hocus Pocus' by Renee Targos
Remember.org is currently featuring an online exhibit of my holocaust related work . The site includes many interesting holocaust related items. I am honored to be on it.
Los Angeles Art Show 2007
January 25th  - 28th      Booth P-129
Lewallen Contemporary will be showing my work, along with other gallery artists at the Los Angeles Art Fair in Santa Monica, CA. at the end of this month.
Look for their booth in the Barker Hangar if you happen to be visiting.
American Art Collector magazine
January 2007 issue #15
'The art of the 'other' Santa Fe' by John O'Hern
"One of the group members is Geoff Laurence, whose large figure paintings are accomplished with great skill and insight. Often the subject is posed before a classic painting, adding another layer of interpretation and demonstrating his mastery of technique. His work, Collateral Damage (page 45), features a businessman talking on the phone, wearing a jester's hat and seated before a large painting of a vanquished foe. Laurence's comfortable and well-lighted studio contains myriad studies and sketches for his paintings, as well as finished drawings which are works of art in themselves. The record of the process is fascinating to see."
'THE' magazine ~ November 06 issue.
  "Talk of how the notion of "truth to materials" fits into your work process."
"Artists prior to the 20thC made incredibly varied paintings with far fewer choices of material, just a handful of colors, really, and much cruder brushes than those manufactured today. My experience in art has been that less creates more and I usually restrict myself to a limited palette of no more that 3 or 4 colors. I don’t really understand the term ‘realism’ in painting. Rather than obliterating the brushstrokes, I try to remain truthful to the materials and let the paint look like paint. My figures will never walk off the canvas no matter how much I torture the paint with a fan brush. The challenge is to make paintings that ‘feel’ like the life I experience around me and inside me."
Photograph by Stanley Darland
Profile on the website 'www.ArtQuotes.net' up for the month of November 06. Here's the interview:
+1 ::: Why are you an artist Geoffrey, and how did you first decide that art was your path in life?

I knew I was interested in art  when I was 10 and had a painting accepted in an exhibit in Nassau, Bahamas where my parents were then living. I had a very hard time convincing them that that was my chosen path and in fact they were dead set against it. I ended up leaving home at 15, moving to London and going to art school.

+2 ::: Could you tell us some more about your work?

I have always been interested in figure and narrative painting. I was drawn to classical painting early on, when everyone around me was into pop art and installations. They bored me stupid and I couldn’t wait to get back to the National Gallery every time to find some sanity. I did respect the early 20thC experiments and was much taken with Picasso for a long time. I start losing interest somewhere in the painting of the 1950s. My desire has always been to somehow find a way to marry the elements of the past with the present. To use classicism in a modern way. But how? I am still searching. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in conceptual art. It means nothing to me.

I am also driven to paint about the Holocaust as my parents were both survivors. I keep thinking if I can paint the right picture, my murdered aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents will finally leave me in peace.

+3 ::: In some of your more recent works the backgrounds are painted with Rubenesque nudes and angels. Is there a relationship between them and your subject?
Very much. At first I was using the paintings in the backgrounds to stop deep space from occurring. I go to great lengths to compress the space in my paintings and achieve a tension between flatness and three dimensionality. I realized that I could play narrative games between the ‘painted’ space in the paintings in the background and the painted space in the painting. It is at its most obvious in my latest paintings ‘Quetzal’ and The Reality of Things’ where the cloth on the foreground figure literally goes into the painting behind her but she is painted in a very different way to the ‘painting’. I never directly copy paintings but rather paint ‘in the style of’ and manipulate the images for my purpose. I seem to like painting flying babies a lot at the moment!
+4 ::: What artists have influenced you, and how?
It depends what year you ask me – Francis Bacon, Picasso, Egon Schiele, Ferdinand Hodler, Klimt, Munch, Van Dyke, Vermeer, Rubens, George de la Tour, Fragonard, Boucher, Watteau, Vincent Desidirio, Odd Nerdrum, etc etc  - the list is very long and my interest comes and goes. They have all given me something even if its just a feeling that I am not alone or completely crazy. We are all in this together you know. Art is a relay race going all the way back to the caves. We hand the baton on and hope the next guy runs like hell with it.
+5 ::: You are also an art teacher. How has this influenced your career as an artist?
I like to think that I am of some help to people who have not travelled so far down the road yet. Making art is a scary experience for a lot of people and I try and make them feel less scared. I can help with the how part but not the why part. I wish someone would help ME with the why part!
+6 ::: What inspires you to paint and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?
I don’t know where my ideas come from. They just appear by themselves. I never feel like its ME making the art, I just turn up for the job and get my orders. I meet a new model and just start working. I always work from life. I can’t get anything out of photos other than photographic reality, which is not what I see when I look at things around me.
I am usually motivated by boredom more than anything. When my depression reaches stranglehold pitch, which it seems to do on an increasingly frequent basis, I try and just get involved in painting or drawing something, anything really, and within a short while I am usually again absorbed in creating and listening to the painting instead of my self. I always, however, find I return to a sense of disbelief in myself and  of failure once again to reach whatever I had felt inside. It’s a cycle that never seems to change. I wish it would. Its painful.
+7 ::: How have you handled the business side of being an artist?
Badly. That’s why I am still broke after 45 years of being an artist.
+8 ::: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully still painting and not dead. I would like to think that the work will get better, though that may be too much to ask for.
+9 ::: What's the best and worst parts of being a full time, working artist?
The best part is feeling alive making paintings and the worst part is needing to make paintings to feel alive. In that I mean, when I am painting there are moments that I am actually truly happy. Brief and sporadic as they may be, for those moments I am really one with the universe and not totally dominated by self. But those experiences are highly addictive and have been keeping me obsessed for 45 yrs. It has led me to living a very hard life that is filled with anxiety and fear financially and that most ordinary people cannot even imagine and would not tolerate. It seems to be the lot of artists through the ages. Quite why or what it achieves for us mystifies me.
+10 ::: What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
Don't give up your day job. Lack of money is the worst part of any artist's career and having another form of income is the best thing an artist could have. I wished now that I had trained as a plumber or an electrician when I was a teenager, as well as art. I would have had choices that are no longer available for me. Believe in your dreams above all. Without them there is no art.
~ o ~

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