In my book, I have set down an explanation of the thoughts and process that first triggered the images that make up the Holocaust series so far. It has been a journey of nearly 20 years exploration into a subject which has had a profound influence on my life and which I hope to continue. In Judaism, it is necessary to have what is known as a 'minyan', a prayer group made up of a minimum of 10 men and/or women who have reached adulthood, in order to say the Kaddish, a powerful prayer of mourning that has been recited for at least 2000 years. This then is my visual minyan for the unburied millions who perished during the years of the Nazi regime.

“The Holocaust Series covers a wide conceptual territory, interweaving history and art history with serious thoughts and a marvelously astute paint brush. What begins with fragments of objects and continues with finely completed images also offers, in this volume, pieces and parts of the process of moving from idea to image. Thus the viewer is treated to a range of different issues to ponder that impose on a subject that is enveloped by the destructive impulse a masterful creative force.”

excerpt from Forward essay by Dr. Ori Z. Soltes, Georgetown University

Published by Lomnitz Press © 2010/2016 ISBN 978-0-578-07578-5
Available in both Hardback and Softback, 88 pages, with 58 illustrations in full colour.

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