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Eye Exercises - Students have asked me about the pinhole glasses I wear sometimes, so here are some extra things you can do to keep your eye muscles strong, using these eye muscle relaxation techniques.
Recommended Books - Some of these I have mentioned in the class or given you as handouts. I own  and recommend them all.
Class supply lists and Swatches - Supply lists for all classes will be sent to students by the individual schools once you have enrolled in a class. if you are taking my painting workshop, you will also be sent paint chip samples. I have put the supply lists online for your convenience. See class descriptions below.

INSTRUCTIONS on How To Stretch A Canvas - If you are stretching your own canvases - which I highly recommend, not only for your budget but also for spiritual reasons - please click here.

 ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS 2018 The Bettina Steinke Studio
Anatomy for Artists February 8th - April 26th Thursdays 10am - 2pm
Complete course of 12  4hr sessions
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  GAGE ACADEMY OF ART 2016 www.gageacademy.org
Expressive Figure Drawing   Jan 4th - 8th 2016 Mon - Fri  9.30 - 4.30 (5 days)
Figure Painting in the Venetian Tradition Jan 11th -16 2016 Mon - Sat  9.30 - 4.30 (6 days)


  SF UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN 2016 www.santafeuniversity.edu
Drawing Lab 1: Figure - Fall Semester 2016 August 30 - December 16  2.00 - 5.00pm

downloadable supply list + course outline

Analytical Drawing - Spring Semester 2017 Jan - May   2.00 - 5.00pm

previous semester's downloadable supply list + course outline

  SFCC SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN 2014 www.sfcc.edu
Intermediate Figure Drawing  
Painting Media - Ancient and Modern  
 SANTA FE EXPO 2012 Buffalo Thunder, Pojuaque, NM
Life Drawing Strategies in Charcoal & Chalk Friday 9 am-12 pm September 14, 2012
Figure Painting in the Venetian Tradition
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class descriptions
  Figure Painting in the Venetian Tradition

My personal interest in historical techniques and experience in transforming those techniques into a modern equivalent for my own use, has led to the fundamentals that I am teaching in this painting course.

During this course, which is based on the techniques of the Venice and Florence schools of the 15th and 16th centuries, we will be exploring the possibilities of indirect painting. From the starting point of designing our composition by means of a careful under drawing followed by a monochrome ‘grisaille’, progressing to ‘dead palette’ and warm/cool decisions and through to the final stages of applying glazes and scumbles and a full color palette.

This is an advanced course suitable for anyone with an interest in classical painting techniques and some experience with painting. It is not suitable for those who are just entering the door of the magical world that is painting.

I do not believe that art can be taught by rote but that we learn through the slow appreciation and understanding of our own painting experience. I feel it is my job as an artist and teacher to give help and encouragement through the stormy seas of the creative journey and perhaps point out some shortcuts along the way. I can try to pass on what I have learned so far on my own journey as a painter.



  Expressive Life Drawing

To draw successfully, we need to connect with our subconscious energy, as well as our conscious or intellectual center. The aim of this class is to encourage, through a series of specific exercises and techniques, an emphasis on using the subconscious and intuitive abilities that we have when engaged with drawing from the model. The student will be asked to break away from their habitual methods of drawing and to experience the wonderful energy that exists within.

In this 5 day drawing workshop, drawing from a non intellectual and more emotionally based center we will be using both left and right hands and the mouth, using dry and wet materials. We will do a series of exercises which build up over the week to a more complex drawing using layers of different marks. We also draw to music and with eyes shut. All in all it is an intense and enjoyable experience based on methods that I have taught myself over 30 years.



  Limited Palette Painting

Given the huge range of ready made oil paints available to artists today, deciding which pigments to buy can be very confusing for the less experienced student. For centuries the classical artists had very few colours to choose from. It is also important to understand that less is sometimes more when thinking about a composition and being clear from the start which mixtures to use can be challenging.

In this 5 day workshop, using a limited palette of only three colours and white you will learn how a complete range of colours can be achieved. Starting off using a painting knife, you will learn to cover the canvas quickly by making decisions on a small colour sketch to start off with as a guide, before completing a finished painting using brushes and only those three colours with your previous mixes to guide you and finally heightening the painting with a further one or two colours as necessary.



  Artists’ Anatomy Course 

This is an anatomy course specifically for artists who are interested in using the figure in their work. Since the 15th century, artists have relied on a thorough understanding of anatomy to produce convincing depictions of humans and animals in their work. We will thoroughly cover all the bones of the human skeleton and the superficial muscles of the body including the face. I will be concentrating mainly on the surface muscles of the body that are actually visible and some time will be spent discussing the methods we use to move our bones through space and why it is that we have evolved the particular muscles and bones that we have. 

Each session will comprise of a lecture followed by a drawing session focusing on the part/s that we have been discussing. The student will have the opportunity to compare real human bones to the living model in order to understand the body surfaces that they see.



  Figure Painting in Oil

Ever struggled to know what colours to use out of the endless amount on offer at the artstore? The clasical masters understood the benefits of a restricted palette.

With less emphasis on historical techniques, this class is intended for those who are not quite as advanced yet in painting from the figure. Although still based on classical painting techniques , it is an introduction to the basic principles of layered methods using a more modern palette.

Starting with a careful under drawing, followed by a tonal grisaille layer, and finishing with a full color painting. Working from the model in a one-week pose, emphasis is placed on exploring the perception and effects of light and color on form. Emphasis on drawing, tonal structure, color mixing and composition also comes into play. Daily lectures, demonstrations and discussions are balanced with personal critiques during the day.



  Figure Composition for Painters (Advanced Figure Drawing techniques)

Classical painters always used drawing as a preliminary way to work out their compositions and motifs.
Your focus for this drawing course of intensive figure work, specifically designed for students with advanced drawing experience, is understanding how to use different ways of drawing to develop ideas for painting compositions.

Each day introduces a different method to make a more in-depth drawing from the model and the background around the model. You work in conté, charcoal, ink, water media and acrylic, treating each blank page like a canvas which you fill with tonal compositions using the paper from edge to edge. You will be introduced to various ways to make extended drawings from the figure instead of the typical sketches to found in life drawing classes no matter how long the pose.

Your final preparatory studies feature active figures in interiors working from models, drawings and photographs and a final multi figure composition that might perhaps lead to ideas for a painting.



"My philosophy of teaching is very simple. I believe that there is an implicit contract between the teacher and the one who is taught. The teacher says, in effect, I will share with you my knowledge and experience. To the best of my ability I will incite you to think, to experiment, to learn, to improve your mind and to enable you to gain knowledge that you do not already possess. And the learner says, in effect, I will be guided by your knowledge and experience. I will accept what you offer. I will learn from you. This is an ancient and sacred contract and it is the foundation of education."

Scott Momaday, Kiowa Author and Institute of American Indian Arts faculty



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